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We want to simplify wellness and beauty through providing personalised solutions based on your needs, so that you can live the best life you deserve.


How we got deep into this DNA thing

The truth is: Modern life makes you ill. We believe everyone has the right to better their lifestyle. By providing the knowledge you require to make the right decisions, gives you access to customized solutions to fix the problem.

Where we are now

Our state-of-the-art DNA test kit, created by professional medical doctors and genetic scientists, offers the widest range of DNA report. Find a wide range of personalised nutrition formulations and customised skincare solutions to help you live the life you deserve.


Our Non-Negotiable Standards

We are in the business of people. Our brand promises you a safe and assured experience. We provide comprehensive report from Fitness, Nutrition, Derma (Skin), Allergy to Longevity, and personalised supplement specification based on the needs from DNA which mass-market supplement providers are not able to fulfil.

Do only the good

We provide recommendations that are suited for the lifestyle of our users. You will only be advised to take what works for you in the most honest and transparent manner.

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Provide only the best

We believe in creating and curating the best products because that delivers results. Hence, we expect the best ingredients and best formulas.

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Keep only the quality

We trust only in science and research. Let's not waste time on trends and gimmicks.

More on our technology

Our Genetic Technology

We use Illumina DNA microarray technology that allows us to efficiently sample your DNA for unique genetic dispositions to various wellness areas. All samples are processed in-house by our lab team to stringent and exacting quality standards required in medical diagnostic laboratories.

Our Laboratory

Our testing facility is licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH), clinically certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), and Illumina PropelTM certified. These accreditations require adherence to best practices in sample, reagent, data and general laboratory management; and come with a guarantee of the highest quality data for our customers.


Our Stem Cell Technology

Our stem cell laboratory and clinic is based in Thailand with one of the only physician in Thailand who have received the commendation Honor Merit from the National University in Singapore for founding stem cell tissue implantation. With leading facilities to provide safe and secure theraphy, and quality stem cell ingredient for treatment, stored in our international standard of cryogenic-storage. We ensure the safest and most accredited therapy within the region.