So, what do you get in your report?

With 5 targeted kits, our reports include recommendation crafted specially based on your DNA traits. We will only recommend based on what is good for you and what you need, and we will explain it to you in words you understand with no fancy medical jagons.

Fitness & Sports Performance DNA Test that tells you your best ways to exercise.

We cover more than 580 genes to give you 15 Insights into your athletic performance, muscle building, injury risks and weight management.

No more guessing. Simplify your training, exercise the way your body was built, and achieve your fitness goals faster with personalised advice by certified sports experts.

You can even have your own personalised sports performance supplement formulated according to your unique DNA test results!


Some of the Insights in your Fitness DNA Report

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VO2Max Performance
How effectively your heart, lungs and muscles use oxygen that determines your capacity for prolonged maximal exercise
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Endurance Potential
The proportion of slow-twitch fibers in skeletal muscles that determines how well you perform physical activities of longer duration.
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Stress Fracture
Commonly caused by repetitive force or movement, and mostly determined by bone mineral density.
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Muscle Recovery Impairment
The ability and speed of your muscles to repair themselves that determine your potential to perform more rigorous exercises.
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Obesity Risk
Your tendency to gain weight through fat consumption.

A Skin & Beauty DNA Test that tells you your best skin care steps.

We cover more than 190 genes to give you 10 Insights into your skin health, skin ageing and skin sensitivity.

No more trial and error. Simplify your skin care, and pamper your skin using a personalised serum containing all the powerful key actives your skin needs in a single clean formulation made with no synthetics, GMOs or animal products.


Some of the Insights in your Skin & Beauty DNA Report

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Premature Collagen Breakdown
Your skin's smoothness, firmness and elasticity depend on the balance between collagen production and breakdown.
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Dry Skin
Genetic variations in aquaporins (integral cell membrane proteins that allow movement of water) determine how well your skin retains moisture and ages.
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Sun Spots
Caused by the overproduction of melanin, pigmentation commonly appears as skin ages and tends to develop earlier in Asian skin.
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Impaired Skin Barrier Function
Genetic variations may cause skin barrier defects, aggravate skin sensitivity and irritation.
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UV Damage Risk
Damage to skin by ultraviolet radiation causes pigmentation, sagging and wrinkles.

A Nutrition & Diet DNA Test that tells you your best ways to eat and supplement.

We cover more than 470 genes to give you 30 Insights into your potential food sensitivities, deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as well as diet management.

No more fad diets, Eat your way to your best health, and simplify your nutrition and diet based on how your body works using personalised expert advice by a licensed dietician.

You can even have your own personalised dietary supplement formulated according to your unique DNA test results!


Some of the Insights in your Nutrition & Diet DNA Report

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Vitamin A Deficiency
Essential for a healthy immune and reproductive system, maintenance of strong bones and teeth, red blood cell production, tissue repair and skin health.
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Magnesium Deficiency
Necessary for energy metabolism, functioning nervous system, and blood pressure regulation.
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Sensitivity to Gluten
Some people with this genetic predisposition may never develop any symptoms that include fatigue, headaches, joint pain and skin rash; others may develop them later in life.
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Low Carb Diet
People with genes associated with obesity, insulin sensitivity and high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) are more sensitive to carbs and will benefit from this sort of diet.

A DNA Test that tells you your likelihood to certain allergies, and your best ways to prevent allergic reactions.

We cover more than 1,300 genes to give you 24 Insights into your body’s potential response to certain food, plant, chemical and airborne allergens.

Don’t wait until you actually have an allergic reaction. Knowing your potential triggers enables you to take preventive measures against your allergies.


Some of the Insights in your Allergy DNA Report

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Eczema Risk
Avoiding hot water baths or showers, applying moisturiser regularly, using hypoallergenic skin care, and administering anti-histamines may help certain eczema symptoms.
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Allergy to Pets
Knowing your tendency for pet allergies has big implications as pets are often viewed as part of the family while reducing exposure to animals as much as possible is the best strategy in managing such allergies.
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Allergy to Eggs
Those allergic to eggs may experience skin rashes, hives, nasal congestion, facial swelling and swollen watery eyes after just minutes of consumption as their body’s immune system see egg protein as a foreign invader and attack it, causing allergic reactions.
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Hay Fever
Fermented alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer, and histamine rich food such as cheese, yoghurt and pickles, have been associated with worsening of hay fever; and are best avoided if your symptoms are moderate to severe.
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Allery to Benzene
Benzene is a well-documented Group I carcinogen, and is found in a lot of household products like laundry detergents, adhesives, plastics and styrofoam. Minimise direct contact with these items, and bring your own metal or glass containers when buying takeaway food.

A Longevity & Healthy Ageing DNA Test that tells you your best ways for lifelong vitality.

Your report gives you 24 Insights into your general health, cognitive performance, inflammation and sleep quality covering more than 1800 genes.

By understanding how you age, you control your own health, and how you sustain energy for the activities you enjoy.

You can even have your own personalised longevity & anti-ageing supplement formulated with the exact types and amounts of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients according to your unique DNA results, and blended with premium herbs that give you vitality well into your prime.


Some of the Insights in your Longevity & Healthy Ageing DNA Report

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Elevated Homocysteine
Homocysteine is an amino acid found in blood, and high levels of it are linked cardiovascular diseases, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
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Cognitive Decline
Symptoms typically involve forgetfulness as well as decreased abilities in remaining focused and solving problems.
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Inflammatory Biomarker CRP
Raised levels of C-reactive proteins (CRP) are linked to increased risk to strokes, sudden cardiac arrest, and delayed muscle recovery and repair.
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Red Meat Diet Risk
High consumption of red and processed meat are linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer.
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Poor Sleep Depth
Your body releases growth hormones for cell repair when you're in deep sleep. Poor sleep depth can lead to lowered restoration and recovery.